My Food Plan

Welcome to my site and a peek into a big part my life… wellness! The above picture I am with  my friend, mentor, and health practitioner Cyndi. I find that success along my path of wellness requires a support team of kindred sprits and balance. Balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Physical balance of being kind to myself yet setting achievable health goals. Physical balance is also between the food I put into my mouth and being active.  Emotional Balance of setting boundaries and exploring my feelings. Spiritual Balance of being of service to others and making time for my relationship with God and filling up my own cup.

When people have asked me what I did to loose my weight they want to know what I Physically did to achieve my goal. But my goal was achieved through more than the physical. It was also through finding a support group that allowed me to explore my emotional and spiritual balance. That allowed me to understand why I was stress eating and make a better choice by  improving my relationship with God. Most of us already know what we should be doing physically to create health. Some people I have met don’t want to do what it takes. Not ready to give up the food that comforts us. But I was ready!

I have spent 8 years exploring what balance works for me in my life. My physical balance is doing yoga, walking the dog, playing outdoors on the weekend, and eating a high raw diet.  So I invite you to play with that balance mean to you. Below is my “ideal food plan”. No my food doesn’t always look like that. Life sometimes gets in the way. But it’s the food plan that I feel at my best!

My food plan is vegetarian & 75% raw. I also avoid gluten, dairy, and refined sugars which are my trigger foods. A trigger food is a food that cause artificial hunger. I don’t always eat this way. I’ve found that being kind to myself and happy with the choices I am making are just as important with what I am actually putting in my mouth as long as I avoid my trigger foods. Plus sprouts are great… eat sprouts!

Pre- Breakfast:

Raw Breakfast:

  • Fruit
  • Raw Granola with almond milk
  • Raw Coconut Yogurt with fruit or granola
  • Vitamineral green smoothie (4 times a week)
  • Raw Crepes
  • Raw Chia Pudding

Raw Lunch:

  • Raw Zucchini or kelp noodles
  • Nori or Spring Rolls
  • Salad
  • Raw Sandwich
  • Chipotle Salad

Raw Snack: 


  • A cooked meal that includes a starch , vegetables, and protein.


* As I make video for the meals that I make, you will be able to click the food to find the recipe. 

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