Review: Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Joe cross has inspired people from all over the world to get healthy! To start eating their fruit and vegetables and to detox their bodies. I loved his first movie and wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy his 2nd. Thinking there wouldn’t be anything I didn’t know. I was wrong.  In his first movie he follows himself on a 60 day juice fast. Then we watch another man, Phil, to try a 60 day juice fast. I watch this movie every time i do a juice fast because it inspires me. If they can do 60 days then I can do my short goal of 3 days. If you want to watch the 1st movie for free you can go to his website:

Then I bought his 2nd film which talks about the challenges of coming off a detox. The challenges of staying healthy. The point of a detox isn’t to go back to what you were eating before. It’s to cleanse your system and inspire you to start making better choices. In the movie it follows Joe as he is traveling and meeting people he has inspired along the way. He is still off all of his medication. One of the things I liked about watching Joe is that he is a picture of health. Not in the way we are used to looking at health with six pack abs. But i have struggled most of my life because my healthy weight is not what I see on billboards or on TV. My healthy weight is between 140 and 150 for my 5’4″ frame. And when I get there I always feel like I need to look another 20 pounds. In the movie he says he weighs around 240 pounds and stands at 6’2″. He started off at 310 and was able to get down to 210 . But he eats healthy and is active. Plus he is going around the world saving people 1 juice at a time.

BTW- My favorite part of both movies is the adorable cartoons that he has to explain things! 

Click here if want to buy Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 2 

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