“Fed Up” Documentary Review

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am a sugar addict. I have been addicted to sugar since the 5th grade if not earlier. For awhile my favorite food was cotton cfedup-fact1--325x325.jpgandy. We as a nation are addicted to sugar.This documentary is about not only about how bad sugar is for us. We already know that. But what the food industry has done to deceive us. Making low fat foods, but doubling the sugar. How we are eating more sugar now than we ever had. We aren’t talking about sugar from healthy foods from fruit. Fruit contains fiber which means is digests in our bodies differently. I have tried many times to give up processed sugar. But it is in everything! When I have succeeded I fell amazing. And most importantly I stop craving sugar. But as soon as I take that first bite, I get pulled right back into the sugar trap.

sugar-addiction-perpetual-cycle-300x240.pngThis documentary follows the changes the food industry and the way we are eating  as a nation. But it also shows how diet and exercise are not the answer to this epidemic. We have fallen into thinking that if we buy low fat foods that we are eating healthier. But what we need to be doing is eating our fruits and vegetables. But this documentary doesn’t just concentrate on what we are eating as adults. But more importantly what we are feeding our kids. How this is affecting them and creating a generation that has diabetes and obesity at a young age. How congress considers pizza a vegetable at school cafeterias. This documentary follows a handful of kids who are struggling with obesity. How they are eating low fat foods and working out but that they still cannot loose weight. My heart goes out to them. I have struggled with weight as an adult, but I cannot imagine how hard that must be like for a child. I really like this documentary  and I recommend that everyone watch it. Even if you already eat healthy, it is important to know what is being done to our children. I took the sugar free fed up challenge…. will you?


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