Why I wear Organic Clothes

When you compliment something my sister is wearing she usually says one of two things. Either “thanks it was only $5 from the thrift shop” or if its a dress she will probably says, “it has pockets!”. If you compliment what I am wearing my response with usually be, “Thanks, Its organic”. Yes I know organic clothing can be expensive. But I have also found that they are usually better made and last longer. When I first starting buying organic, there weren’t many choices. Now I have found many different brands and it includes more and more different styles. It’s not all yoga related clothes anymore. Not all of my clothing is organic, just like not all my food is organic. However, when given the choice I would rather spend more money on organic items and have less in my closet. But why do I purchase organic clothing?

  1. Its Better for the environment. Conventional cotton accounts for nearly 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used throughout the world, although is it grown on only 3% of the total cultivated area. It also ranks fourth in the list of most heavily fertilized crops. Hemp and bamboo clothes are also a great option because they aren’t plagued with so many diseases and pests like cotton.
  2. It’s better for your health. Pesticides aren’t the only chemical used in production of your clothing. Ignoring the fact that these chemicals make their way into our water system, it also absorbs into your body through your skin the same way chlorine does in your shower. They also often use safer dyes in the fabric. For some people this can create issues like rashes, allergies, and eczema.
  3. Softer on your skin. Because of the way it is processed without all those extra chemicals and unnatural fabrics, it can be softer. This is not always true with cotton. And hemp is more of a linen texture. However, 100% bamboo is very soft. But I love the how silky most of my clothes feel against my skin.
  4. Better for the workers. By supporting organic clothing, you are creating a safer work environment for the farmers who don’t have to be around all those chemicals.Thousands of farmers die from exposure to these chemicals every year. You are also supporting fair wages since most organic clothing companies don’t use sweat shops.

If you want to make your own clothes try Organic Cotton Plus

Rawganique Eco Wearables is where I have found many cute hemp clothes including my favorite dress that I always get compliments on. (which is discontinued, sorry)

Blue Canoe is my favorite place to go. They are made in the US., have great sales, and are very soft!

If you want to try Bamboo clothing check out Bamboosa! Bamboo socks are like clouds for your feet. They also have the cutest and softest baby and kid’s clothes.

Zulily is a daily deal site which has been a great way to find organic clothes. I have found such great brands at Toad & Co, Satva,  Blurr, Jonano, truly organic, and Leopards & Roses. The drawback is that there are no returns. But the gamble has been worth it to get some cute sustainable clothing at 50% off! They also have had many different brands of kids organic clothing. In that first year their skin is so sensitive!

One of the hardest things to find has been affordable organic underwear. I was even considering making my own. And lets be honest, if there is anywhere you don’t want extra chemicals against your skin it’s…. ummm there. So I was delighted when I recently came across PACT apparel and Faeries Dance !

Do you have a favorite brand of organic clothing?

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