Time to Detox!

And not just time to detox our bodies, but detox our minds and our lives as well. Living life to the fullest for me is all about accepting change, creating joy and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve my highest purpose. That doesn’t mean that change is easy for me! There are still times I resist. But when I let go of the resistance, I find peace.

I have tried many different detoxes. Some were 30 days long filled with complicated and expensive protocols. I did a 14 day juice fast. Every detox that I tried gave me the benefits I was looking for. Some were more challenging then others. For me, I have found that I prefer a gentle 10 days detox  that I do 4 times a years. In the Spring of 2017 I will have a 10 Day Detox e-course available. This will have some supplement options to help give you the results that you are looking for. Plus tons of information on ways to supports your body, mind, and spirit during your detox.

Along my journey I have met some amazing people and mentors; I have learned much about health and wellbeing and grown. But I still have so much to learn. I am inspired to share my experience, strength, and hope to others. May you find something here to help you grow!grow.jpg

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