T – 2 days to Detox

T – 2 days before Detox Video

I have two more days before I start my detox and I’m tempted to go ahead and jump into my detox! I won’t though, because my Rejuvelac and sprouts aren’t ready. But as you continue to get ready for your detox, you may also want to get ready for your mental detox. I don’t recommend watching TV during a Detox. Instead allow yourself to take in positive and inspiring books, magazines, and movies.

Gaia.com is a great source to find inspiring movies to watch during your detox. It contains many of the movies I recommend watching including Fat, sick & nearly dead, May I be Frank,  and What the Bleep do we know.  They even have many of the movies that are featured on Spiritual Cinema Circle DVDs. A much more convenient and cheaper option than purchasing a bunch of DVDs.


Recommended Movies:

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Simply Raw 

Crazy Sexy Cancer

Fed Up 

Recommended Books:

Journey to the heart

Crazy sexy diet

Life force

Raw Emotions

Conscious Eating

Rainbow Diet 

Recommended Services:

Therapeutic Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Medi Body Mud Packing 


Ear Candling

And so many more!

What Are your favorite book, movies, and services that help support you in your detox?

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