T- 1 Days before Detox

T – 1 days before Detox Video

Tomorrow is day 1 of my detox- I have all my appointments scheduled, my Rejuvelac will be ready, and I picked up some sprouts and water.

Rejuvelac is an all-natural fermented drink which aids in producing healthy gut flora and has a plethora of other health benefits. Plus it’s super simple to make at home. All you need is 1 cup of a grain, 1 gallon spring water and a couple of jars.

Benefits of rejuvelac:

  • Promotes beneficial bacteria in the intestines
  • A vegetarian/vegan source of B12
  • Fights bad intestinal bacteria
  • Aids in reducing inflammation
  • Improves skin health
  • Corrects digestive dysfunction
  • Aids in producing and absorbing vitamins, enzymes and oxygen
How to make Rejuvelac 

Water is a pretty big issue. If you are drinking tap water you are probably ingesting chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, and prescription drugs. They have found so much birth control in the water that it is actually changing the sex of fish. I stopped drinking tap water after I was diagnosed with being hypothyroid and that fluoride was affecting people’s thyroid.

So when it comes to picking your water source, choose wisely! There are pros and cons of each: Reverse Osmosis, Spring Water, Distilled, and Alkalized. Do your research and pick what works best for you and your lifestyle. I personally use Reverse Osmosis. Dr. Gabriel Cousins recommends activated Distilled Water .

Here is a recommended free movie on YouTube:

Flow: for the love of water 

If you are curious on how anyone can give their water a boost. Check out this book on how thoughts and words affect your water. Changing your water can be as simple as writing on bottle.

Hidden Messages in the water

But you are not only affected by the water you drink. You absorb chlorine through your skin. If you are suffering from dry skin and hair, it could be from your shower. In my shower I use a shower filter.

Pelican water Filter 


What kind of water are you drinking?

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