Day 8 of my Detox

Day 8 Video

Shots! Shots! Shots! Everybody! 

Ok, Im probably the only person who thinks about wheatgrass shots when I hear that song. But today is day 1 of my juice fast and the first juice I drink is a wheatgrass shot. Followed by a chaser of fresh coconut water. No wheatgrass juice doesn’t taste that good, but neither does alcohol shots. But we do it cause it makes up feel good. Dr. Ann Wigmore wrote “The Wheatgrass Book” on all the benefits of wheatgrass. If you didn’t grow your own wheatgrass, get yourself to a juice bar or Jamba juice. Or you try a shot of E3Live which is a blue green algae that you can buy frozen online or at some health food stores.

In the Video I show you how to use a manual wheatgrass juicer and how to open up a YOUNG coconut. Young coconuts and mature coconuts are different. The young coconut still has all it’s water and the “meat” is not as thick or fatty. Coconut flakes are made from mature coconuts. A young coconut still has some of its white flesh around it, while a mature coconut is brown.   If you really love coconuts, you can also buy a coco jack to easily crack into them without chipping your knives (which i have done). You can buy young coconuts and larger trendy grocery stores like Whole Foods, Mariano’s, and pete’s fresh market. But you can also find them at asian grocery stores. If they don’t have them at your local grocery store, try asking them to order you a case which is usually 9 to 12 young coconuts.

Today’s protocol included a coffee enema, chlorella implant, castor oil pack, wheatgrass shot, coconut water, tea, water, and a green juice. 

Young Coconuts 

Have you tried wheatgrass or E3Live shots?

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