Week One Detox


Week One Detox Video- Sorry about the Wind


It always amazes me the way life takes its twists and turns. The way the universe and my higher power supports me and brings me what I need. Although, It may not always be what I want 😉 After going to see my holistic health practicer for an Iridology appointment I told her that maybe in the spring I would try her detox. I just did one and I didn’t feel ready to start a new one.  Or I din’t want to give up eating certain food that still comforted me. But I was having issues with  my lymphatic in my neck and I knew I needed to go deeper. So I made some concord grape juice and called her up and said lets do this! Then called my sister and told her I was going to clean her out of grapes. And finally did some journaling on what I wanted to accomplish on this detox.

Why do I want to Detox? To clean out my lymphatic; I feel clogged in my ears and gut. My ears have been itchy and my neck swollen. To ring out my body like a sponge. Plus it is concord grape season now and would have to wait till next fall to use them in my detox.

What else do I want to shed? I always want to release anything that no longer serves me emotionally. And I never know what is going to come up. But just being in the space of willingness to do work and process anything that comes up. Whatever I am holding onto in my throat chakra since that is my problem area right now.

Do I have any fears? I have the fear that I cannot complete this detox because it is longer than anything I have ever tried before. It is 14 weeks which would take me right through all the Holidays. So I am giving myself the goal of 7 weeks for right now. Then maybe I will try the 14 weeks in the late spring. Either way not having any judgments on what I can do.

Goals? Loose 10 to 15 pounds of Lymphatic Bloat that I still have in my neck and gut. To drink my grape juice , take my herbs, and to eat 100% raw everyday. For me those are attainable goals. Everyone is at different point of their journey. Cyndi did 30 days of only grape juice. But for your detox you may be eating a whole food diet like from Crazy Sex Diet. For someone coming off the Standard American diet that is a detox.

What else will I do to support me Detox? I want to re-read Raw Emotions by Angela Stokes and actually write in this journal a client gave me. I also signed up for a 7 week kundalini e-course to help break through all those old emotional patterns. Plus the normal Ionic Foot Bath, Infrared Heat, bodywork and energy work that helps me through my detoxes. I have also been taking a lot of classes and workshops and Soderworld which has been very healing.

What is my Plan? 


Rabbi Dr. Abraham on Dealing with Stress



One thought on “Week One Detox

  1. Liz this looks great! One of my favorite stories by the Rabbi. I’ve been doing Dr. Morse’s detox for the last month and it completely changed my body and mind! SO much clearer and more flexible. Thanks for sharing your journey!!


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