Master Cleanser Day 1 Detox

Day One Video 

So I tried the master cleanser maybe 6 or 8 years ago. I have tried many different detoxes over the years and it wasn’t my favorite. I felt like I need more nutrients in my body during a detox. Especially more greens. Not just some some spicy lemonade and teas. But recently a friend shared that she learned it was safe to play around a little more in a detox. I believe there is no right detox for everyone. Our bodies and our experiences are all different. So my friend Nicole who swears by the master cleanser and will try nothing else wanted me to do the master cleanser with her. I agreed. I feel like march is a great time for the master cleanser because of citrus being in season. We are able to find pink and meyer lemons at the store.

So we are off! Day one of the detox. Nicole even convinced me to take measurements and pictures. That isn’t something I have ever done on a detox before. My main goal isn’t weight loss. Maybe in the back of my mind it is, but I also know that depending on what I do after the detox is going to decide if it stays off or not. So what are my goals? My goal is to lose 10 pounds of lymphatic bloat in my gut! My lymphatic system is usually a little stagnant. That’s probably why I learn manual lymphatic Drainage massage. To learn how to heal myself. As a massage therapist,  I find I subconsciously learn the techniques I need.

In my expirence, during a detox it is important to not just detox the body, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.To help my body physically detox I will be drinking the spicy lemonade, my shaman shack tea, herbal teas, yoga, skin brushing, and coffee enemas.  To support my emotional detox I will be continuing my warrior goddess training, journaling, and seek out community/ sharing circles. For my spiritual balance I will be doing walking dog  meditation, kundalini yoga, and prayer.

Nicole: This is my 4th master cleanse and I’m excited to be doing it with Elizabeth this time. My main goal is to fit into this gorgeous Vera Wang dress for a black tie wedding in a few weeks. I am also looking forward to the benefits I have received in previous cleanses such as: heightened senses, less bloating, clearer and brighter skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, and more toned body. And of course to remove any food addictions/cravings and to feel better overall. I will be following  the general master cleanse plan which you can find

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