My Journey Into Reiki

I heard about Reiki many years before I ever took my first class. I had received a Reiki session a handful of times. But once I did decide to take my certification class in Reiki it was to support a friend on their journey into healing. Enter Tracey Ostrand of Turn Your Shine On in 2014. The transformation I experienced was subtle. Yet it was although my path had become clearer and my intuition had become louder. Both in my sessions with clients and in my life. I decided to become a Reiki teacher a year later so that I could attune my pets to Reiki. But it turned into a class I really enjoy teaching. To help others on this very gentle path of healing themselves.

Reiki is a Japanese based energy healing art. The practitioner lays their hands on or above the body of the receiver as they lay or sit comfortably, in a relaxed position. You can choose between a Reiki Session, a Reiki Attunement, or a Reiki Class. All have healing benefits.

The pure intention of the practitioner is to be a channel or conduit for energies to pass through them into the receiver, to release blocking or unbalanced energies so that the recipient can proceed with the healing of themselves. The body, mind, and spirit are always capable of healing the whole if a balance can be established.

To achieve this energetic balance, the Reiki practitioner commonly places their hands on or near the chakra centers of the body because those centers circulate our energies throughout our entire being. Chakras can be disturbed by outside physical, mental, emotional or spiritual forces. Our chakras rotate in constant motion, attracting energies, receiving or radiating in fact.

When we are out of balance, we can project to others our disturbances or receive them from others. We can manifest very quickly, physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Reiki can be very effective in helping to relax, in fact, that is one of the very first feelings when experiencing a Reiki healing. The purpose of that is because, in your relaxed state, your being is doing the healing it needs to naturally. We heal in our relaxed states, including while we sleep. Below you can read more about reiki and it’s benefits:


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