Keep an Open Pelvis

The pelvis is our bodies foundation. An imbalance in our hips can affect our knees, back, and even neck. But what can affect our hips? During a prenatal massager certification class, the teacher mentioned a correlation between tension in our jaw and tightness in our hips. TMJ pain? Are you grinding or clenching your jaw when stressed or sleeping? All that can affect our hips. Often that can go unnoticed unless we are experiencing a headache or migraine. Try tightening your jaw right now and notice what you experience in your hips. Now try the reversed, tighten your hips and notice what your jaw does.

I also learned in a yoga class how stretching your feet help open up your pelvis. I gave it a try on my recent trip to Havasu Falls, AZ. It was a 10-mile hike with a 40-pound backpack to the campground. The next day everything was sore, especially my hips. I did 15 minutes of stretching concentrating on my feet. Broken toe pose is my favorite. Watch this video of me demonstrating broken toe pose:

Want to explore the pelvis more? Try these books:


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