C-Sections under the knife

I was rewatching the movie business of being born and the more business of being born after my binge watching of calling the midwife. There is no doubt that the medical advances during childbirth in the 50’s has saved many women and childrens lives. It’s interesting to see them develop on call the midwife. This includes the cesarian section. In the 60’s the c-section rate was 5%. Right now the average c-section rate in the united states is over 30%. This has not created a better mortality rate for women and babies. The world health organization recommends a c-section rate between 10 and 15%.  Their research has shown that having a cesarian section rate higher than 10% does not improve baby and mother mortality rates. And it shows in numbers. The “U.S. Has The Worst Rate Of Maternal Deaths In The Developed World.” I’m not saying this to scare you or to imply that c-sections have not saved many lives. Of course, they do in cases of an emergency. All I am suggesting is that we become curious about why our numbers are so high. Also to encourage you to ask your doctor what his c-section rates are before you choose him or her to deliver your baby. In some places, the c-section rate is as high as 80%!

Some things that have been shown to increase c-section rates are interventions such as induction and an epidural, especially before 4 centimeters. A c-section is major surgery. One that causes scar tissue and can create complications if you were to need another c-section. And fascia restrictions that can create pain later on in life. And most importantly you will have a new baby to take care of and won’t have time for 6 weeks of recovery from surgery.  Below is a video of all the layers the knife goes through during a c-section.

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