Sun Protection in The Summer

When it comes to the experience of the heat and sun everybody is different. I have friends who love to sit in the sun. Depending on our ancestry or dosha type we may have a different experience. This is only my experience of the sun. Notice how you feel while in the sun between 10 and 2pm. Do you see “freckles ” that only come out after being in the sun? Does your skin have sun damage? Do your hands swell? Do you get a headache even though you are not dehydrated? Do you get drowsy like you just had a heavy unhealthy meal? When I ask myself what is healthy for my body I look to my intuition and what animals are doing who are using their natural instincts. 

This is not a post about fear of the sun. We do need the sun. It provides us Vitamin D. But once I hit my 30’s I noticed during 10 and 2pm ( and sometimes till 4pm) I was having reactions to the sun. Mostly during my 8 to 10-hour bike rides on really humid days. I will never try the horribly hilly hundred again. It was over 100 degrees! It became obvious that I inherited my Dad’s German/ Irish skin. The same Dad that has had non-malignant skin cancer removed for a handful of spots. The same Dad that spends as much time on the golf course as I do on my bike. So I started exploring natural sun care.

Something that comes up for me is how unnatural it is for animals to lay in the hot summer sun. During those hours most animals are looking for shade. The only animal I have ever seen at noon basking in the is cold-blooded animals. Other animals like cats and hippopotamuses, only warm up in the sun when it is cool out. They sunbathe and get their Vitamin D when the sun rays are not so hot.

The other thing to consider is that many products we use on our skin have cancer causing ingredients in them. The sun is literally baking our sunscreens into our skin. So in my research, I found that sunblocks with zinc oxide are a healthier choice. To see how your products line up, check out this website:

A rabbit hole to explore is that the food we eat is a natural sunscreen. Foods high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. But even though I eat more than 100% of those vitamins for the day I still have a reaction to the sun in summer during 10 and 2pm. And let’s be honest. The sun emits high levels of solar radiation during those times. High doses of any radiation are not healthy for us. That could be from the sun, the microwaves, X-rays, or cell phones.

Research is showing that the best sun protection is covering our skin. Think of the people in the dessert that wear long robes. My sister even has these bathing suits for her kids that have long sleeves and a hood. I own long sleeve tops with SPF 50 protection for when I bike or play outside. Plus don’t forget the hats and sunglasses. Do you see how much work it is to go in the sun!?!

Ok so since you have taken precautions. Avoided the sun during peak times of solar radiation. Worm protectant clothing. Now it’s time to pick a sunscreen. You not only want to pick one that is healthy for you but one that is healthy for the environment, especially the reefs if you are going swimming.

For daily protection for my face, I like Josie Maran.

When I go to play in the sun I pull out the big guns.

This is great for touchups when out on the trails.

And if you are looking for bug protection while you are in the shade ( cause the bugs don’t like being in the sun either)! They also have sun protection as well!


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