Storms of the Feminine

I was walking my dog outside today as the fall winds blowing. I watched the wind shake the trees while garbage and Halloween decorations roll down the street. It was powerful and invigorating. Just this past weekend I was taking my ancestral birth class. The winds reminded me of a woman in birth.

In our life, we experience many storms. Many Challenges and changes. Birth, death, new jobs, and transitions. But in my experience, the storm is not outside of us. It is within our feminine. But this powerful storm can be scary. It not only can scare us but those around us. And they should be. Within the feminine are storms so powerful it can uproot trees and tear the roof off of homes. In my own life when I was not listening to my feminine needs and desires, an unconscious storm comes and shakes my trees. The storm will blow away the roof of my comfortable life to show me that I have not been living in my truth. That I have been playing it safe and easy. It has blown people out of my life who were not in my best interest.

But I notice people are scared of the storms. Of the damage it can create. They see the magic of someone standing in their feminine and we try to squash that power. We burned them for being witches. We shame them so that they have to hide the magic of their storms. We tell them they are too much or too sensitive. That they think too much. Can you think of moments of your life when you have felt this way?

I love to witness the feminine storms. That can be whe I see someone step into their magic and power. Or women someone walks confidently in their truth. Or when they bravely face their traumas in my massage room. Watching the storms that have been bottled up release and rage! Allowing space for someone to unwind that trauma and give them permission to stand in their storms. Up until this point I have purposely referred to the feminine and not women. Both men and women contain both masculine and feminine energies within us.

However, during birth, a woman comes face to face with all her internal storms. It can be like a tornado of energy coming down from the heavens to the womans womb. It can uproot old stories and traumas that we have long since forgotten. Not just her traumas but brin to the surface traumas that we have inherited from our ancestors.

And what happens to a woman during birth? We want to silence her. We tell her she is making too much noise. We want to numb her experiences. Because it is uncomfortable for the other people in the room to witness a woman in her storms. It is not just her pain we are numbing, but her emotional traumas. Preventing her from healing from these past traumas. At a certain point in birth, you observe a women go from fighting her internal storm, to surrendering to it. It is my favorite part of the birth. I watch not only a baby being born, but a woman being re-born. A woman who has faced her most powerful storm and has not just survived but thrived! I watch a woman’s magic being born. I watch a woman transform into being a mother!

So unlock your internal feminine storm. Watch the changes take shape in your life. Experience your magic! And since I learn so much about life and myself while watching doctor who… her is a clip from, “The doctor and the wardrobe”. 

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