Orchid Community

I really enjoy gardening. I have had a vegetable garden since I have been in high school. I dug two feet down in the tiny spot my mom gave me in her beautiful perennial filled yard. It was a spot filled with clay. Plus I had large pots filled with tomatoes plants. I never have been very good at house plants. I would either over water or forget about them for months. My heart was always for plants that could sustain me. Give me food or medicine. Or even plants that attract birds and butterflies to my yard. But this fall I felt inspired by my new roommate’s plant collection.

So I took my interest onto Youtube. There I found three very interesting plant enthusiasts: Miss Orchid girl, Platerina, and JoyUs Garden. There were many more great video bloggers, but they are my favorite. And I dove in. Learning about the plants that do the best at cleaning the air. Then learning that each type of these plants like something different. Each has different needs for water, soil, fertilizing, and light.

And it made me think about how as humans we all have different needs. Some people like a lot of heat when they get on my table. Others ask me to turn it off. Some clients like all the natural light my room has, while others ask me to block more of it. Some clients need lots of water after a session and ask for a second glass, while others don’t even finish their glass.  Our bodies are all unique and we all thrive on different nourishment just as different plant different fertilizers.

I think it is interesting to see which houseplants someone picks. My mom says she waters all her houseplants once a week, and whatever doesn’t survive does have a spot in her house. One of my roommates loves tropical plants that require a humidifier being on and lots of sun and warmth. While my other likes easy to care for plants that are non-toxic to pets. My favorites are epiphytes like orchids, air plants, bromeliads, ferns, anthurium, and Christmas cactus. Maybe that’s because of my love of trees and these plants grow on trees.

So if we really are plants with more complicated emotions then we also can have more complicated needs and desires. Which means we may need physical activity, community, connection, touch, etc. And there is no youtube video out there that can tell you how to take care of your unique body. There are many sharing what their body needs and desires. But we are all different species. Orchids have 20,000 species and 70,000 hybrid species. There is no way that an orchid is more complex than our species!

Another thing that we do have in common is the community. My favorite flowers actually grow on another plant. But many people who have plants say they tend to grow better if they are grouped with other plants. And just like people, there are many plants that don’t thrive when they share a pot with certain plants. The only way to find out for sure is trail and error. So I have created an orchid community. Three orchids in the same pot and we will see that will happen. I might have to separate them. Or it could be glorious!!! complicated houseplant


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