Meditation with Holiday Cactus

If you want to know how to take care of Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus I recommend you check out:

Based on my research I keep mine by the front door where they get western light from the tiny little door windows. They do ok with a draft. and the curtain I put up in the doorway in the doorway to keep my house warmer protects them from getting light from my lamps at night which can affect their blooms. I have some rocks underweight to add a little humidity. I want them to stay in those small pots because that is all that will fit in that space. They like to be rootbound to put out more blooms, so they don’ seem to mind.

Now on to the meditation!  I first learned about meditating with plants from the book celestine prophecy. They talk about the exchange of energy that happens when we put our attention onto a plant. Just think about all the research with talking to plants. Or naming your plants. My Cactus names are Reba, Dolly, and Shania! You are essentially putting your awareness and attention to those plants. which has been shown to make them stronger and healthier.

So first sit in a comfortable position. My favorite is the bathtub. The warm water helps center me and my plants love the 90% humidity the bathroom gets. But I have also done this outside with trees and my other outdoor plants. You can set a timer if you would like. Then just concentrate on your breath and the plant. If something distracts you like a thought or a noise, just bring your awareness back to the plant and your breath. If you like you can concentrate on the sensation in your body. Or in the book they suggest, we might see the energy of the plant. I have never seen that however, I do notice and exchange of energy been me and the plant. It feels like reiki to me.

Let me know if you tried this meditation and how it felt.

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