Root rot, moisture readers, pothos care, and self care!

I used to only enjoy outdoor gardening. I think its because once you give it a good start the rain takes over. It’s all about working with nature. Make a place where beneficial bugs like to come and you don’t have to worry about the “bad bugs” that eat your plants. I would have a few plants once in awhile and then they would die from neglect. However the one that did survive was my pothos.

This past fall i started to really enjoy collecting indoor plants. I was watching videos and added 2 new pothos to my golden pothos among many others. And started watering weekly. While most of my plants are thriving… not my pothos that I have had for years. I think it went into shock! I went from watering it a couple times a year to a couple times a month.

I asked my mom for help. This pothos is dropping yellow leaves every other day! She says you use your finger to see if it needs to be watered. I said I did. My mom sticks her finger into the soil. This one is wet.

“What?! It feels dry to me. I haven’t watered it in 2 weeks and was going to water tomorrow!”

It is then i realized that my finger is broken. I go grab my moisture reader that i bought years ago and mostly just use to test PH in my vegetable garden. After not watering that plant for another month and it still was dropping leaves. The damage was done and it got root rot. Most of the roots have died from the extra water. I had to change out the soil to allow it to heal. This healthy big ball of roots when I put it in a new pot just months ago was now only inches of roots.

This made me realize this was my only moisture reader that was broken. I also have know since high school that I have trouble telling when I’ve eaten enough food. At least that is when I started counting my calories. And I’ve experienced resentment that some people only have to stop drinking soda or give up something small and they loose weight. I have’t had soda in 10 years!

However after a few months I get frustrated and quit. So for this new year I have a new goal. Instead of counting calories to just write down what I eat. Just writing down what you eat is also a great way to keep track if there is a food that is affecting you. Food sensitivities can take up to 48 hours to show symptoms. Even a symptom like inflammation is a sign there are foods that don’t agree with your unique body. Other symptoms may be mucous in your throat or sinus. Or even unpleasant gas. Keeping track of your the food you eat can not only make sure that your don’t eat too much, but that you eat the right foods.

Below is planterina sharing how she takes care of her pothos!

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