Getting Yourself ready to detox

Why detox?

Before we start talking about how to get ready for a detox, let’s explain why we should detox. I’ve seen more articles lately that we don’t need to detox. But a detox is simply giving you lymph system a boost. Your lymph system is your immune system. It helps fight pathogens when they enter our body. It also cleans our internal fluid. It compromises of vessels, nodes, and organs. It also consists G.A.L.T and M.A.L.T or mucous associate lymphatic tissue. So when our body perceives a threat, it creates mucous to protect us. Our lymphatic also helps us with fat absorption with the cisterna chyli. It also determines which bacteria in our gut it should kill or let alone. So out lymph system does a lot for us on a daily basis. Doing a detox gives our lymph system a healthy boost like how exercising gives our cardiovascular system a boost.

How to Get Ready?

As we prep our bodies for a detox I suggest at least 7 days. Now this all depends on how you eat now. If you eat mostly fast food you might want to give yourself a few months to switch over to an whole food diet. If you are suffering from a serious condition, I suggest talking to your doctor, going to a natural health practitioner, or going on a health retreat. I am not a doctor, I am a lymphatic drainage massage therapist with a passion for health and the lymphatic system.

T-7 Days

Start wheatgrass and sprouts. You can also find these at some farmers markets and grocery stores. I like to grow my own. My favorite is mother’s milk, cat grass, and bruno’s micro-greens from

T – 6 Days

Figure out what supplies and books you want. Order everything you want. Do you need any supplements, special ingredients, or enema bucket? I like to order shaman shack fermented miso and healthforce vitamineral green.

T – 5 Days

Try and give up caffeine and processed sugar now. It is no fun to add the challenge of going thru caffeine and sugar withdraw at the start of your cleanse.

T – 4 Days

Let’s create some goals! What are your goals for this detox? Make sure they are SMARTER goals. Write them in a journal.

T – 3 Days

Now that we have some goals, decide what you want to do for your detox. Are you going to try a water fast, juice cleanse, mono fruit cleanse, or even a soup diet. You can meditate on this or use a pendulum.

T – 2 Days

Make a grocery list and go buy those healthy and nourishing ingredients!!!

T – 1 Days

Book any appointments for during your detox. Do you want a colonic? A trip to a sauna like King Spa? Or you can try Lymphatic CuppingIonic Foot Detox, Jedi-Body Mud packing, or any other healing modality!

Pre- Detox Videos


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