The trauma we hold

When I first started out on my journey as a massage therapist I specialized in sports massage. I would not have imagined that as I dove deeper into my own healing that I would realize the importance of healing the emotional trauma we hold in our bodies in order to heal the physical pain we experience. I still have a long way to go into understanding and creating a safe place for clients to experience the trauma they may be holding in their bodies. With each year I learn more and heal my own trauma more.

Just last year studies have shown that we may be carrying trauma from our ancestors in our DNA. Could you imagine the pain we all me be experiencing that is not ours. Last year I explored my ancestry and in that map if you click on a relative. ( On my father’s side I went back to the 1800’s) It said what wars or part of history they would have been experiencing in their area. Not just the big wars but all the small ones too. It showed when they lost a child and at what age.

Black Lives Matter

It can even show bigger parts of the trauma a culture experiences at a whole like slavery, persecution. Some cultures have these trauma wounds still fresh. We can say that yes there were many people of different colors who experienced slavery or persecution. Yet we cannot deny that after a few generations they can loose their ascents and mix into the group that was at one time the culprit of their ancestors trauma. While others have their skin that makes them still experience persecution such as people of color. They themselves may have experience systemic racism and if not they have family who has. Wounds of trauma still fresh. Fears still right at the surface. That kind of fear can weigh heavily on the mind and body that may lead to health problems. If you have not walked in their or their ancestors shoes you cannot imagine what they are experiencing. I know I cannot. Yet I am here with an open heart and ear to anyone who come to me to heal.

I also want to say that their is trauma on both sides violence. I believe as they say in harry potter (which if you hadn’t noticed Voldemort hold similar ideas as Hilter) that murder can rip the soul apart. We may hold into that trauma as well. The shame, resentments and denial of our ancestors sins against another human being. That their fears of people different than us still might be running through our DNA. Fear that came out as anger and rage. Fear can grip onto us. We may fear that someone may treat us as our ancestors treated their ancestors. Which is why it is so important to act with love and compassion when we are experiencing fear. We all need more of that in our lives. I try to remember that those who are suffering cause unconsciously cause suffering to others. We all need a safe place to heal. To find love and compassion.

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