What is K-Tape?

In my sessions I have been called to use more Kinesio Tape or K Tape for short. I was training in this technique back in 2006 by Progressive Rehab concepts. There were very few companies making the tape and teaching the techniques at that time. I wanted to learn it because at the time I was specializing is sports massage and wanted it for my athletes to give them an extra edge. It really became popular in 2012 when people started seeing it on Olympic athletes.


However now that I don’t work with as many athletes I have just been using on myself. Until last year when in John Barnes class he mentioned how the tape is beneficial for fascia releases. So I dove back in and started leaning how this could help my clients get better results for my session.

As I renewed my interest in K Tape, I learned now instead of one brand of tape there were many. Plus they could be found in many places like Amazon. After trying a few brands I landed on Rock Tape.


So why use Kinesio Tape? Kinesio tape helps stabilize and support muscles and joints while still allowing full range movement. It also allows decompression of tissue and lifting to allow more blood flow and movement of lymph which helps reduce swelling. Swelling of an area can create a lot of pressure and pain. It also help mitigates pain by overcoming the messages of the pain receptors to the brain. When it comes our body if you can provide a different pleasurable sensation it can overcome the pain massages sent to the brain. Because the brain can only sense pain or pleasure. It is why we like to rub and hold an area when it is injured. Or why pets lick and injured area.

However kinesio taping in itself is not going to fix the problem. It is simply a tool I use to get better results in my sessions. I can tell you how to apply the tape itself. But if you do not keep coming in for session the issue will not improve. Want to try K-Tape? Just make an appointment and I add it to your session with no extra charge!!!

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