2020 Detox

2020 has been an interesting year. As we can imagine doing something like a detox can be challenging. It is not just physical. My experience is I feel my feelings more deeply. Plus emotions that I would normally bury under food bubble up to the surface. Our shadows have an opportunity to come to the light. Which is why during a detox I make sure I have a spiritual and emotional practice in place. This Fall detox I have been listening to Rewilding for women meditation practices and started reading Yoni Shakti. But each detox I do something different.

The Spring and Fall detox that I started only last 3 days. Just the 3 day mono fruit fast. Then I felt like emotionally it was too much and I had to stop. I am grateful this being my third and final detox of the year I was able to complete my detox. And each one feels different. Once I hit the second phase. I didn’t have any hunger. I was tired so I forced myself to have some food. But I also think I was doing too much. I took a much needed rest day and then I felt much better and decided to enter phase 3 two days early but continue onto the full 13 days.

To learn more about my detox go to:


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