The roller coaster ride …

Of a woman’s hormones

I wanted to share something a bit more personal. And I I wanted to to share it because I know other woman also experience this. First I want to share that I love being a woman. My mom raised me a feminist. And for me that doesn’t mean men and woman are the same but we deserve equal rights and opportunities. There are things woman do better and there are things men do better. We have differences biologically and hormonals. One difference is this roller coaster of hormones through our monthly cycle.

Often we talk about the changes in a woman while she is in her PMS stage. Just last month I called a friend and said shared that I just hated all people and I was in such a bad mood and I couldn’t figure out why. I texted back 6 hours later and said, nevermind, I figured out why. My aunt flow had come for a visit. This time can be a fun time. I use it to explore my inner shadows. They seem so much willing to come to the surface for some play. Or I am more easily able to explore my dark goddess or feminine parts of self. That is my favorite archetype to explore.

Below is an article with images because I can’t find any free images on this topic. And receiving a letter telling you that you used someone else images and that I owe them money is not fun!

But what is not talk about is the intense drops of hormones after ovulation. While I am in the beginning phase of cycle I may get angry yet I feel powerful. Some including myself believe a woman is more intuitive during this time. And the week after that in the proliferative phase… I feel like I can accomplish anything! Life and I feel like magic!!! All the woman’s hormones but progesterone are at the peak during this time.

But the day or so after they reach their peak, they drop off hard!!! Just like that rollercoaster image. And in myself I notice a deep sadness. Unlike the anger rising, sometimes all feels lost. That was what I experienced yesterday. I am not sure if it is worse because I have a history of depression when I was a teenager. But during those few days I feel like I am right back in my depression. Luckily I have the tools that I don’t let myself get lost in the sadness. I allow myself to feel the sadness. It is another shadow for me to explore. And one tool is just acknowledging that this is the hormone rollercoaster of being a woman. We feel deeply.

I also want to share another tool that I didn’t have access to yesterday. Love and Hugs. When I have a romantic partner, those dips don’t seem to be so low. My perception is it is the feel good hormones we feel when we hug and connect. When we touch, hug or cuddle we release oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Having those during the big hormonal drop just makes it so much easier. Maybe this year I will add another tool in my toolbox. I can schedule a massage during that time. Not a therapeutic massage like I usually get. But a nice fluffy massage! Even some energetic work too.

And sometimes we all need a nice fluffy massage. I will have clients come to me and say that’s what they need. In my experience you can’t come in with a list of area of tightness, tension, and pain and expect them to be fixed with a nice relaxing massage. But anytime you need to take a break from the therapeutic massage I specialize in to soothe your nervous system… just ask!

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