CBD and Pain

In the last decade we have heard more and more about the benefits of CBD. First I want to make sure I address that there is CBD from the hemp plant and CBD from a marijuana plant. The hemp plant and the marijuana plant are related in the same way all night shade plants like eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes are related yet different. The hemp plant can be used for clothing, paper, rope, and fuel. Not to mention that hemp seeds are nutritious. Plus hemp grows like a weed and does not need pesticides and other chemicals to grow like cotton does. It grows fast which means we would not need to cut down so many trees for paper. For me the best part of the legalization of marijuana is the fact that it is legal to grow hemp again.

However all the benefits to the environment and industry was not enough to make Hemp legal again. In comes CBD. The original studies on CBD were done from the marijuana plant. Yet because of legalization it is hemp CBD that you see everywhere. In Illinois you will only find marijuana CBD in dispensaries. What you see CBD in the stores and creams is HEMP CBD.

When I was experiencing my Can of Worms recently I was trying everything to relive my pain!!! This included many different types of CBD creams. I found my favorite at Natural Formulations’ Ice Plus with CBD – 200mg/oz CBD cream. The combination of Menthol and CBD and maybe even the arnica reduced the inflammation. In my experience with hemp CBD. It is not just the CBD that helps. I noticed it helped reduce the pain & inflammation. It also helped my menstrual cramps. However sometimes I need my essential oil roll-on for my pain. Listen to your body!

Personally when I tried CBD orally as a supplement it made me nauseous. It just does not agree with me. I am hoping my two aging pets do better as I have just ordered some pet CBD for their aches and pains. The benefits of CBD that are an interest to me is the reduction of inflammation. However for all the benefits of CBD I recommend you check out this article.


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