Food Prep and 40 Days to Raw

Food prep can be a very important part to thriving on any healthy diet not just a raw food diet. Usually I pick a day that I am not working and will do my food prep. The only difference with raw food is I need the next day to pull things out of the dehydrator and such.

Every February right after Fat Tuesday, I get inspired to stop my winter hibernation comfort food eating and start my clean eating. The winter months can be a bot cold for a detox. We need calories to keep us warm. However this gentle transition of 40 days to eat 100% raw is a nice transition. Last year just as I had made this transition Covid lockdowns happened. Comfort food eating lasted the whole year. This year I go inspired to share my journey and created an online course. 40 days to Raw.


So what does my raw food prep look like? First I will share that you cannot combine sweet and savory things in the dehydrator at the same time. So one week I make my savory and the next my sweet items. This will all take me 3 to 4 hours including cleanup.

Dehydrator Option 1

Savory: (I usually pick 3 to 4) Kale Chips, Eggplant Bacon, Bread, Wraps, crackers, Sun Burger, Falafel, Kebabs, popcorn cauliflower

Dehydrator Option 2

Sweet: (I usually pick 3 to 4) Cacao Nib Cookies, crepes, granola, goji muffin

Plan one lunch/ dinner option: dressings, spreads, pate, eggless egg salad, eggplant bacon, walnut crumbles, wraps, Falafel, Kebabs, sun burger, pasta sauce, popcorn cauliflower

Cashew Cheese – allow it to sit overnight and the next day add the seasonings

Coconut Cashew Yogurt – Don’t forget to tend your coconut kefir

1 Breakfast Item – Donut holes, Muffins, chia pudding, crepes

Nut Milk – Don’t forget to make something with the almond meal today. Either bread, crackers, or muffins

2 Smoothies – 1 chocolate and 1 green

1 Raw Dessert – pudding, cookies, cheesecake

Start Sprouts / Microgreens – This takes all week of rinsing and watering

The Next Day I have to take things out of the dehydrator and add seasoning to the cashew cheese. Takes only about an hour to store everything and clean up. Just don’t forget about it! Plus don’t forget to tend to your sprouts or microgreens.

Click here to sign up for the 30 days to raw course:

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