Importance of Being grounded

What does being grounded mean to you? Yes we can feel emotionally or spiritually grounded. Compared to feeling spacey or flighty. I personally don’t always want to be grounded emotionally. It’s fun to have your head in the clouds sometimes. But in this blog I want to talk about the benefits of being physically grounded. Think of the fact that we hopefully have grounded outlets in out house. If an outlet is not grounded it can overload the outlet and creates sparks and even an electrical fire. In your body it can be overloaded with environmental stress and create inflammation. This generation and more environmental stress than ever before. When I was a kid my body wasn’t constantly bombarded with wifi and cell phone radiation. These are a form of radio frequencies. There have been studies to show that this affects our sleep and now there are studies to show that is can affect our pain level.

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Now I do not mean that it will cause us pain, but can increase our pain if we already have pain. I learned about this while reading a book about tripawds. My dog just received amputation surgery because of a tumor on her leg that she has had a year. In the book they recommended a cloth that blocks EMF because of studies done that EMF’s increase pain. I thought that is interesting that is the reason I use the grounding sheet when I sleep. So that for 8 hours my body is not being affected my EMF’s. It is also the reason I don’t keep my cell phone in my bedroom. You can call me all you want at midnight, I will not hear it. Even with 3 pain medications my dog was still showing signs of discomfort by licking. Then last night she did some whimpering in which i wrapped her up in my grounded sheet like a burrito. The whimpering and licking stopped with in 30 minutes. That is course now for the dog and I just ordered myself a new pillow for myself to sleep on. They are having a sale right now. I will also order the dog bed so we have grounding sheets all over the place. The cats love them!

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You don’t need to buy one of the mats to be grounded. You can also walk outside barefoot or sleep under the stars. Being grounded is probably why those things make us feel so relaxed and good. Who doesn’t like taking a long walk down a beach barefoot! And even though when the weather is nice and I walk around my yard barefoot or get my hands in the dirt in my garden, the majority of my time is inside surrounded by WIFI. If you want to know more about the studies done you can read the book or watch the documentary.

I also want to share one more story. Ten years ago I bought my first grounding sheet. It was a BOGO deal so I gifted one to my mom. So I asked her… did it help with your arthritic pain? She said yes but it could be placebo or my pain isn’t always the same. A few months later she said, my arthritis pain is back so I was wrong the sheet didn’t do anything. I go over there to see if it was still connected and the cat had chewed through the wire. I was sold from that point onward.

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