Cranial- Sacral

This is a two part blog. First I want to introduce a technique that do not do. There are many different massage modalities out there and sometimes it is nice to mix it up. This is one of those modalities that is very gentle. I have only had it a few times, but have enjoyed it. I wish I had a good recommendation in the area. Hopefully I will update this within a few months and have one for you! Below is a video on a cranial sacral session including on a baby which is very cool.

Speaking of the head and sacrum, there are two amazing tools that I keep in my massage room and suggest for home care. Let’s start with the head! I suggest the Cranio Cradle. This tool is wonderful under the head to release tension on the occipital ridge. The occipital ridge at the back of the head where the base of your cranium meets your spine. There are 7 muscle attachments in this area. No wonder we have so much tension in this area! Scroll down on this article to see the Occipital bone function.

Before I share the link to this awesome at home tool I want to share there are also Chiropractic Neck Alignment Devices. These are to correct a spinal alignment and you can get them at chiropractic’s office. I have the denneroll and they are nice. There are different sizes so it is best to get sized by the chiropractor. However, they are not to release macular tension. So if you have a forward neck position both are nice to have, but do not replace the cranio cradle. To purchase or watch videos on the cranio cradle click below

Ok now onto the sacrum. If you want a real treat use both the sacro wedgy and the cranio cradle! This sacro wedge is to help balance the sacrum. This can be great if you have a posterior and anterior tilt to your pelvis. It is also a great relief if you have tension along the Sacroiliac joint especially the gluteus maximus and the piriformis. Tightness in these muscles can cause sciatic pain. However, it can also help relieve tension in the erector spinae group in the back.

I sometimes use one or both these tools in a massage session while do myofascial release. So while in session you can ask me how to use these tools and try them out to see if you want to purchase one. For the sacro wedgy make sure you purchase the correct one. There is a male and female version. They are also both available on amazon. Hopefully you find these tools helpful or maybe you want to try this different massage modality.


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