“I Love Massage” Oil Blend

I have another essential oil blog post for you. This one is in honor of Valentine’s Day. Or GALantine’s day if you want to celebrate it with your friends parks and rec style. Maybe you are like me and you use this time to indulge yourself. No matter what media tries to convince us… not only romantic love is important. Your family, friends, and self all need love. The Greeks have 6 words for love, and I love that!

Ok let’s get down to the essential oils we are putting in this blend. All these oils are for hormonal regulation. This is the blend I use for my cleansing oil when massaging the face. I will post that recipe below as well as the recipe for the massage oil.

The star of the show? Rose. Rose is known for “opening the heart”. It is that aphrodisiac quality that a few oils in this category are also known for. That is my favorite aspect of rose and during a massage I may have put one drop of the oil on your upper sternum. And yes this is the most expensive oil I own . 10 ml is $100 retail! But even smelling this is good for pain relief. It is also said to help with asthma, coughs, headaches, menstrual regulation, skin repair and wrinkles. Fun fact it take 10,000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 pound of essential oil.

Clary sage is also a great essential oil even though it didn’t make it into my blend. It can be very emotionally balancing, euphoric, and grounding. I will often put this is my diffusor if I feel like the energy of my home need balancing. It has been posted by the ASPCA that it is safe for pets. Even though it is safe for pets it is not safe for pregnant women and they do not recommend drinking when using. (That is actually why it didn’t make the blend.) It is also beneficial acne, asthma, cramps, high blood pressure, labor pain, menopause, menstruation, migraines, muscle aches, wrinkles, hot flashes, and excessive sweating,

Geranium essential oil is great for anxiety and it one of my favorite scents. People with sensitive skin need to be careful, however it is very diluted in my blend. It has been recorded to help acne, broken capillaries, bruises, burns, congested skin, eczemas, edemas, fluid retention, lice, mature skin, menopause, PMS, skin care, ringworms, ulcers, wounds, and varicose veins. Are you noticing a trend with these hormone balancing essential oils? They are all great for skin concerns.

Ylang Ylang is another that is great for stress relieving and is an aphrodisiac. It is also great for acne, burns, eczemas, high blood pressure, insomnia, skin care, wounds, and hair growth. Even though some of these say they are great for wounds, you should never put undiluted essential oils on your skin, and never put any oils even when diluted into an open wound. Plus this one is not good for pets so if you have any keep it out of the diffusors.

Cypress is a new oil in my collection and it brings a nice balance to all those floral scents. It can be very calming while reducing anxiety and agitation. Plus it is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and can relieve PMS, menopause , and insomnia. Since it is new to my collection I had to kick one out…

Patchouli has a very strong smell and since it was used so often in the 60’s to cover up B.O. I think it gets a bad rap. It also tends to overpower the other oil in the blend. However I invite you to add it to your collection. It has been said to help with acne, athletes foot, fungal infections, mature skin, oily hair, eczemas, wrinkles , anxiety , rejuvenating skin cells, anti-depressant, dandruff, helps eliminates toxins, insect repellent, addictions, plus it is essential if you want to “stick it to the man”!

Jasmine is another not in my collection simply because of the cost. I might purchase a small 1/8 oz for my personal “perfume” blend collection. I have the plant in my home and when it is in bloom, the scent is heavenly at night! If you arent’t paying $75 to $125 for 1/4 oz then you have a fake! It is another aphrodisiac that can also help with fertility, nervous tension, depression, and skin care. Because the flowers are more scented at night, the flowers must be picked before the sun rises.

My original “Love my Skin” blend used in the cleansing oil

  • 5 drops lavender
  • 5 drops ylang ylang
  • 5 drops cypress or 2 drops patchouli
  • 3 drops rose
  • 3 drops geranium
  • 1 ounces castor oil
  • 1 ounces oil of your choice.

“I Love Massage” Oil

  • 5 drops of vanilla
  • 10 drops of ylang ylang
  • 10 drops of cypress
  • 5 drops of rose
  • 5 drops of geranium
  • 4 ounces of massage oil

The source of this information is a combination of Bar charts Inc. Quick Study “Aromatherapy” , Information from the class I took with natural options aromatherapy, and Essential Aromatherapy by Susan Worwood and Valerie Ann Worwood


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