Cranial- Sacral

This is a two part blog. First I want to introduce a technique that do not do. There are many different massage modalities out there and sometimes it is nice to mix it up. This is one of those modalities that is very gentle. I have only had it a few times, but have enjoyed […]


There are a couple quotes about meditation that I really enjoy. I will include them below. However meditation can be such a challenging habit to add into our lives. We think we need to do what that man is doing in the picture above. Sit very still and maybe light some incense. I have learned […]

Getting Back on tack … part 2

Recently someone wished me a happy birthday and said welcome to your 40’s, how are you enjoying it. I think my face said it all. She said 30’s is the new 40’s. I said it feels like my body started falling apart. It actually started at 38 instead of waiting until I was 40. I […]