Importance of Being grounded

What does being grounded mean to you? Yes we can feel emotionally or spiritually grounded. Compared to feeling spacey or flighty. I personally don’t always want to be grounded emotionally. It’s fun to have your head in the clouds sometimes. But in this blog I want to talk about the benefits of being physically grounded. […]

How can Massage Help Chronic Pain

The first step is to define what is chronic pain. Chronic pain is something you have had for a long time. Some people may define that for years, a year, or even just 6 months. For many of my clients it is not usually a constant chronic pain. It can come in waves. Bothering a […]

Tips for a better Bike Ride

It seems like there has been a collective sigh of relief. Things are getting back to normal. We can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I say collectively because there have been some interesting studies to suggest we share a collective consciousness. So even though I personally did not feel very stressed, […]