Master Cleanser Day 1 Detox

So I tried the master cleanser maybe 6 or 8 years ago. I have tried many different detoxes over the years and it wasn't my favorite. I felt like I need more nutrients in my body during a detox. Especially more greens. Not just some some spicy lemonade and teas. But recently a friend shared that she [...]

Week One Detox

    It always amazes me the way life takes its twists and turns. The way the universe and my higher power supports me and brings me what I need. Although, It may not always be what I want 😉 After going to see my holistic health practicer for an Iridology appointment I told her [...]

Day 8 of my Detox

Shots! Shots! Shots! Everybody!  Ok, Im probably the only person who thinks about wheatgrass shots when I hear that song. But today is day 1 of my juice fast and the first juice I drink is a wheatgrass shot. Followed by a chaser of fresh coconut water. No wheatgrass juice doesn't taste that good, but [...]

Day 7 of my Detox

Today is the 7th day of my detox, which tomorrow I will be starting my juice fast. So I made sure I had everything I would need to support me. Which includes organic coffee for an enema, chlorella for an implant, wheatgrass for juice, young coconuts, and any vegetables I would need for my mean [...]