Getting Yourself ready to detox

Why detox? Before we start talking about how to get ready for a detox, let's explain why we should detox. I've seen more articles lately that we don't need to detox. But a detox is simply giving you lymph system a boost. Your lymph system is your immune system. It helps fight pathogens when they [...]

Essential Oil Signature Blends

I love essential oils. I love the way many of the smell. I enjoy how I feel when I use them. And they have been very helpful in helping me with aches and pains. So after playing and studying with oils for 10 years, I have created 3 signature blends. A disclaimer: Essential oils are [...]

Week One Detox

    It always amazes me the way life takes its twists and turns. The way the universe and my higher power supports me and brings me what I need. Although, It may not always be what I want 😉 After going to see my holistic health practicer for an Iridology appointment I told her [...]