Packages and Memberships


VIP Membership

Our membership is back! This is the perfect maintenance package after a Month of Healing. Keeping your body running efficiently should be high on your to-do list and regular massage is key to operating at peak efficiency. Make a commitment to your health & wellness

$130 a month

Included in your membership are two 75 minute massage sessions (such as Myofascial Release,  Elemental Massage, Lymphatic Cupping, Pre-Natal) Pay for the year all at once and receive 2 months free! $1,300 for the year

There are only 13 memberships available each year. You must commit to a year. 


Month Of Healing

$900 for 13 75- minute Sessions

** In January, May, & August it is only $650!**

The Month of Healing Program is an individualized program specifically designed to overcome chronic pain and mobility issues. The Program is a month-long program that includes three key elements: Evaluation, Therapy and Self-Treatment instruction. Sessions can be multiple times per day for a total of 16 hours of MyoFascial Release during the month. Concentrated treatment with skilled therapist acts as a catalyst in promoting efficient and deep healing, and release of bracing patterns that perpetuate pain. Home self-treatment instruction is included. Also during the month, I will lend you the book “Healing Ancient Wounds” by John Barnes.

* These sessions expire within a month of the first session. We encourage you to use them within a few weeks.

** Sessions can be multiple times per day for a total of 16 hours.

*** Only 2 are available per month.


Series of Seven Session $500

*Series of Seven Packages expire within a year

Cellulite Series: Get ready for the summer by smoothing out cellulite and giving your lymphatic system a boost. A series of 8 lymphatic cupping sessions, concentrating on your stomach, legs, and gluts. Get the best results by coming twice a week for 4 weeks, then coming in months to retain the results! Your session is finished with a blend of essential oils that help with cellulite. This package includes a bottle to take home with you and use in between sessions.

Oh Baby! Series: The perfect addition to your pregnancy, seven 75-minute pre-natal Massages. The first time a woman receives a pre-natal massage they may consider it a luxury. But a massage during pregnancy and even during labor have shown to now only help reduce your stress, but also have shown to improve labor and newborn health!

Detox Series: A series of four 75 minute lymphatic cuppings, three Jedi-body mud packing sessions, and seven Ionic foot baths. Living in our modern world, our bodies absorb heavy metals, radiation, and chemicals. We also might be nutrient-deficient, stressed, and our systems overtaxed so we can’t detox fully. When we have an injury and not enough minerals and nutrition to detox fully, the toxins gravitate to that injured area.