You probably thought that you couldn’t afford regular massage therapy. With our packages regular massages are easy to afford. Get started today, you will feel better for it.

Six 45 minute Sessions ~ $270

Thirteen Ionic Foot Baths ~ $290

Six 60 minute Sessions ~ $360

Six 75 minute Sessions ~ $450

Six 90 minute Sessions ~ $540

* Packages expire one year from the first appointment.

** There are no refunds on packages.

*** They cannot be transferred to another person.


Month Of Healing

$650 for thirteen 75- minute Sessions

The Month of Healing Program is an individualized program specifically designed to overcome chronic pain and mobility issues. The Program is a month-long program that includes three key elements: Evaluation, Therapy and Self-Treatment instruction. Sessions can be multiple times per day for a total of 16 hours of MyoFascial Release during the month. Concentrated treatment with skilled therapist acts as a catalyst in promoting efficient and deep healing, and release of bracing patterns that perpetuate pain. Home self-treatment instruction is included. Also during the month, I will lend you the book “Healing Ancient Wounds” by John Barnes.

* These sessions expire within a month of the first session and cannot be refunded or transferred to another person 

** Sessions can be multiple times per day for a total of 16 hours.

*** Only 2 are available per month.