Day 1 of my Detox


It is Day 1 of my 10 day detox and I’m flying high! Because I prepared myself for three days, I am not experiencing any withdrawal from sugar or processed food. I  almost forgot to eat breakfast! In the first few days I like to really spoil myself. I took a long bath this morning, went for a massage, and have plans tonight for a yoga workshop. That is probably why I look forward to doing a detox so much. It is a much needed R & R! Ten days may seem like a long time to give yourself a rest, but imagine how much time getting sick takes away from you. You lay there on the couch, feeling like crap while everyone treats you like you have the plague! I may spend a few days laying on the couch, but I’m mostly spoiling myself rotten. (PS. If you are actually sick, please do not go in for your massage appointments)

In the above video I show you how to transfer you wheat and sunflower seeds to a tray, what the Rejuvelac looks like when it’s ready, and another rinsing of my sprouts. The wheat berries are spread onto peat moss or coconut coir. The sunflowers seeds are in a combination of coconut coir and worm castings.   If you are interested in having a worm compost bin for all you worm casting needs check out these two books:

Worms eat my garbage

The worm book 

Additional Helpful Links:

Worm Compost Bin 

Coconut Coir (AKA Peat moss – ish)

If you are interested in watching more videos on growing sprouts and wheatgrass check out Sprout People’s YouTube page.

Would you ever have a worm compost bin?

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