Day 10 of my Detox


Last day of my Detox! I wanted to take this last day to talk about the master cleanser. It is a popular cleanser right now mostly because it is so simple. Not easy… but simple. The only time I tried using the master cleanse was maybe 6 or 7 years ago and I used it in conjunction with drinking juice. The reason I drink wheatgrass juice, vegetable juice, and coconut water while I am fasting is because I still am getting all my nutrients. My body  may not be getting any calories or fat or protein, but I still am getting all my micronutrients that my body needs to heal. The master cleanser is not providing you with all those nutrients. But it is a powerful cleanser, but mostly to the lymphatic & digestive system. While a juice fast will also cleanse all your other organs too. The master cleanser is also the only cleanser I’ve tried where shitting in your pants is common.  People literally said to me, “Don’t leave the house for the first few day…”.

So my verdict: It’s your body and your detox. Do what feels right for you. I do think adding the master cleanser to my detox did deepen my cleanse, but I wouldn’t only do the master cleanser. I also try to removed extra sugar from my body while detoxing and the master cleanser has maple syrup. But thats my body and my detox. Before it was an easy option to people who didn’t have a juicer, but now you can go to Marianos and buy cold pressed juice. I was there yesterday and they had 3 different brands!

master cleanser.jpg

Have you ever tried the master cleanser?

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