Interview with Cyndi about Iridology

I went to go see my Holistic Health practitioner and mentor Cyndi Dodick yesterday for an iridology appointment. I had an iridology session 5 years ago and was curious if there had been any changes and what my eyes would tell her. Eyes are known to be the windows of the soul, but as it turns out they are also windows to our health. And my windows need to be cleaned! When we go to  Doctor they look into your eyes, but what are they looking for?  Is it something passed down from the 1800 and 1900’s when doctors would have used  iridology before all the modern tests we have now?

Just like reflexology, different areas of the eye coordinate to different areas of the body. When I do reflexology on someone an area will be tender on areas of the foot. Or a client may mention that their sinus are bothering them. And then I can concentrate on those areas. With iridology, we can look at the eyes and see what is going on with the body.

What did Cyndi tell me about my eyes? My eyes have significantly lightened over five years which I had already noticed. But what I didn’t know is that in some areas blue is peaking through! I wonder if I will ever have blue eyes? I have made significant improvements in my health over the last 5 to 10 years, but I still have some work to do. My lymph is stagnant and my digestion is still a mess. And to be honest I already knew those things. But it was nice to see some improvements. My lymph used to be so bad my ankles we always swollen. I though I just has fat ankles! Plus then Cyndi created a plan for me to keep moving forward as I improve my health and wellbeing. Which includes doing another detox  to peel away more layers of that brown, clean of my digestion, and get that lymph moving!

I also learned that I really want to take a course on how to do Iridology. One of my massage specialties is lymphatic drainage, and I know that the iridology course will give me another tool to help my clients detoxify their lymphatic system and achieve better health.

Cyndi & Me

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