My trip to Havasu Falls



What an amazing trip it was. We went in September of 2018 and had to reserve our campsite on February first. We used their online booking system and within 10 minutes we were booked for our 2nd choice and within 30 minutes people were posting online they were booked. Previous years they had used a phone system and people would spend hours trying to get through to make their reservation.

Kayaking Hoover Damn

We booked our flights into Vegas so we could Kayak down the Colorado River. The part that is after the damn. It was beautiful. We had a tour guide that took us into all the hot springs and caves. I really wanted to do a 2-day trip and camp right on the river. The spot to camp at is right next to the hot spring and had all these great places to camp. Maybe next time.




My favorite part is when the tour guide told us about this cave we could walk through that got so dark you couldn’t even see in front and had to use your hand to guide your way. Because of the hot spring, it was like a sweat lodge. And that after you went into the cave you would wash in the cold Colorado river and be reborn. I found it to be a very spiritual experience. But I got the message I was supposed to leave someone/  connection in the cave. And I didn’t, which made me carry the extra emotional weight for the rest of the trip.  (they are now closed)


After Vegas, we drove to a lodge near the Havasu trailhead to spend the night before. This lodge had a cave tour. While my friends unloaded the car I took a tour of this haunted cave. I have to say there were some pretty eerie thing in the cave. All I knew is I wanted to get out of there!   Fast!!!


Hike In/ Lower Najavo Falls

So our first day of the hike we got an early start. We packed up the car and made the hour drive to the trailhead. As we were heading down there were people already heading up! I tend to be a slow hiker so the first mile of the 8 miles to the village I found myself alone. The hike was very long and with a heavy pack, I was watching my step so as not to twist my ankles. This gave me a good opportunity for me to contemplate what I had come up for me in that hot spring cave. Also my stories around abandonment and loneliness. And the thoughts that just like the weigh of my pack. I am carrying too many burdens around with me.  Around mile 6 I finally caught up with my friends and we hiked into town together. About a mile out of town I let them hike ahead while I took a dip at the first waterfall. After that long hike in the heat, it was heavenly and it gave me the energy to hike the last 2 miles.




The campsite was really nice. We crossed a log bridge to have the stream on both sides of us. People warned us of the squirrels which were very bold. But no one told of about the night bandits! I woke up to a raccoon taking half of my food in the stream. Luckily I over pack and still had all my dinners. My friends shared some of their breakfast and snacks with me.

41656679_1944802592252886_6936694893997719552_n copy

Havasu Falls

On the 2nd day, my friends hiked back up the trail to go to the waterfall I stopped at on the first day. I didn’t feel like I had it in me to do more hiking, especially to a waterfall I had already seen. ( plus I was a little huffy because decisions were being made while I was sleeping) So I spent the day at the main attraction and met some new people. They caught up with me later. One of the girls had heard that you could take a floaty down the stream that went from Havasu falls right to our campground. The adventure was too good to pass up. It required us trying to go down waterfall after waterfall. Some were safer than others. y legs got scraped up and after one too many close calls we got out. Since it is so close to the campground, that evening we went back to see Havasu Falls with a starscape background.




Mooney Falls

On the 3rd day, we did the hike to the waterfall that was the farthest away. First, it took us through Mooney falls. The top of Mooney falls is at the very end of the campground.  I loved the challenge of Hiking down to see it. And at this point I was very grateful I didn’t try to bring cacao with me on this camping trip. It was basically a really long line of people waiting to go through caves and won a sketchy ladder. Once at the bottom we only stayed for a little while so we could keep going to the last waterfall on our list.

( I apologize you have to turn your head for two of the pictures) 



 Beaver Falls

So for me, this one was my favorite. And it was not favorite to see but also because we hiked through wild grape vines. I also really enjoyed going behind the waterfall! It was worth the ( 1 think 5 miles each way) trip to go and see!


Hike Out

We packed up as early as we could and headed out in the dark. It was a little creepy to be hiking at night. Especially when your headlamps keep catching eyes in the distance. But by the time we hit the town, it was dawn. It was a long trip up but we made it in good time. Then came the over 3-hour drive back to Vegas. I had originally planned to drop my friend off at the airport and camp in Zion for a few nights. But the trip that was unexpectedly emotionally draining ended and I changed my flight to leave with my friend.


DSCF2504file (1)

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