Sheets I recommend

When it comes to the sheets on either my bed or massage table I am picky. I am looking for sturdy, soft, and sustainable. I first started buying bamboo sheets 10 years ago. Over the years I found it harder and harder to find good quality bamboo sheets. They started mixing them with polyester. Or I would feel them and they felt scratchy. So there are 3 brands I currently recommend:

BedVoyage: There are the softest bamboo sheets and what I use on the massage table. They are also expensive. After a year they are wearing great after many washes. They still look brand new! They feel cool t the touch if you overheat in bed easily. So I watch for the sales. At one point they had only white on sale so I bought some natural dyes and tie-dyed them to the color I liked. It was a fun project. I could have just as easily died them all one color. I also enjoy their bamboo towels.

Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids: I love cozy flannel in the winter. It took some digging to find some affordable organic flannel. I use these both on my bed and on my massage table. They have some fun patterns on pottery barn kids web page. They are very soft and I would consider them durable except they didn’t stand up to my dog deciding to dig on my bed and shred my sheets. I don’t know what it is about these sheets that make her do that! I’ve had to do some patching and sewing to fix them. The organic flannel is only available in the fall and beginning of winter.

Under the canopy: These are more affordable because they are organic cotton, not bamboo. I use them on my bed. When there is a sale I can get a set of sheets for the same price as a conventional set of sheets. I don’t really like the colors, but they are a great budget option. Average sheets and thread count.

Why do I buy only sustainable and organic sheets? Click Here

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