Should you get a massage when sick?

I get this question from clients all the time. A client will have a cold and wonder if they should cancel their appointment. Will it make their symptoms worse?  Or someone who has cancer will wonder if it is safe for them to receive massage. If it will make the cancer spread. Some worry that they will get me sick. Others worry about what I do to keep them safe from getting sick. To protect my clients, I wash my hands before every session. I disinfect my cups, stones, and equipment. I change and wash my sheets, face-rest covers, and any towels I used after ever client. I am very committed to protecting my clients. And if I am sick, then i will call to cancel your appointment. 


First let’s discuss the big ones. What if you have cancer? When is comes to diseases like cancer, we as massage therapist have to be more careful. The massage can affect a client more intensely. There are even classes on medical massage. I have not been trained in medical massage. But I do offer a very gentle energetic work. MyoFascial Release is a combination of a physical and energetic modality. It works with both healing the physical in the way of fascia restrictions and postural imbalances, plus an energetic modality. There are lots of studies showing the healing  benefits of Reiki. The most benefits I have noticed came from when a client takes a Reiki class and can give Reiki on themselves in between sessions. To learn more of the benefits of Reiki check out:

My Journey Into Reiki


Another question I hear is about receiving massage when you are pregnant. If it is safe for the baby. First I will say that pregnancy is not an illness. You are not sick. And the only way to hurt the baby while getting a massage is to fall off the massage table! I have never had that happen and would like that to continue! Some clients prefer to wait until the 2nd trimester to receive massage. In the first trimester, you have a higher chance of miscarriage. These first trimester miscarriages are not because of anything you have done. The first month of your pregnancy you don’t even know you are pregnant and you could have received a massage. In the 2nd and 3rd trimester is when most when come in for massages. You can receive massage all the way through the entire pregnancy. You can hire me as a doula and i can massage you while you are in labor!  There are many benefits to the mom and baby. To learn more go to:

Prenatal Massage

Doula Services


I saved the best for last! What if you have a cold or flu? Right now the CDC is warning us about the coronovirus. In the past there was was another virus. Go to the CDC to see their warning and what the symptoms are. Receiving a massage when you are sick will not hurt you. In can actually help you. It can boost your immune system. This boost in your immune system can exaggerate your symptoms. Your symptoms is your body’s way of helping you get better. But if you have a compromised immune system or are already have an illness, this can be too much for your body to take! So anything that suppresses your symptoms may make you stay sick longer. Boosting your immune system by getting a massage can help you get better faster.  The main problem is if you come in for a massage when you are sick you could get me sick, and before I realize I am sick I could infect my other clients. I could even be a carrier to a an illness and never show symptoms or get sick myself.  If it is just allergies, then a lymphatic massage can help. If a client is sick and they don’t know it, I allow enough time in between clients to clean and disinfect to protect my next client.  However if you have something like the flu, then I ask you to stay home. Especially if you have a fever since massage is contraindicated.  To protect me and my other clients.

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