Can of worms

So recently I opened a can of worms. However healing can be like that. It can get worse than it gets better. And John Barnes teaches us that the best therapist have had to heal their own pain. Yet I had two weeks that I felt like I didn’t even want to a great therapist. This was a two weeks that changed my definition of pain. Disclosure, 99% of the time the pain does not have to get worse to get better. It is more common to just get better. To notice the results of my sessions within 1 to 3 days and feel amazing!

I have had low back pain on and off for years now. It could be from all the miles of riding my bike. Or maybe it is from failing off my bike. Last year at the beginning of riding season I have a month on low back and hip pain. Received Myofascial release and it went away. That’s how my pain has always been. These little moments of pain do help me assists my clients out of their pain. And then I make self care videos like these!

Yet 2020 had something bigger in store for me. Around September I noticed some tightness in my left leg, hip and back. But self care such as yoga and massage was keeping it at bay. Then in the beginning of November I thought I need to nip this in the butt. So I went to see a recommended Chiropractor. He adjust me and gave me exercises for my anterior tilted pelvis. And they worked! I have been trying to fix that darn anterior tilt for awhile. Plus an anterior tilt creates what is called and Lower cross syndrome. I do not want to get in trouble for stealing pictures so here are articles you can read about it. Now this postural imbalance is very common and is normal for all pregnant women in the third trimester.

**Lower cross syndrome is where you have a tight low back and quads. While the muscles of your abdominals and gluts is weak.

So here I am thinking that I on my way to a full recovery when instead I opened a can of worms. This can happen. The body is so used to being out of balance it now has to shift and adjust. For example the back muscles are used to being shortened and now they are being lengthened. It also brought some deeper awareness in my Yoga. Many poses I was letting my pelvis spill forward. So I was tilting it into a neutral position and tightening my core while doing most poses. Back bend you are suppose to allow your pelvis to tilt forward. So I was getting excited for my body.

So like many of my clients I was tightest in the morning. Do some yoga and go for my dog walk and I felt good. Well one day I went to tie my shoes for a walk and the thoracolumbar fascia locked up and I was stuck on the couch. Every time I kneeled or tried to stand it felt like I had broken my sacrum. I crawled to the phone and my mom came to the rescue. She came with some CBD cream and grabbed and ice pack out of the top shelf of the freezer. Within and hour I could stand and I was on my way to try and discover what was going on with my body

This new pain took away my ability to sit and more importantly drive. And after many massage sessions with different people and modalities I needed to try something else. I then tried a different recommended chiropractor that did dry needling. But even this was not enough . Like more complex injuries. it takes more than one thing to fix the issue. By following our instincts we can fix the people and techniques we need to heal. However, not even pain killers were working let along essential oils and CBD cream.

My last piece of the puzzle was to explore that this could have emotional component. I made an appointment with my holistic health practitioner. She always has some new tricks up her sleeve. She confirmed what I already knew. Stress was causing my nervous system to lets say be too sensitive. My adrenals were getting fatigued. But hey it is 2020. Who adrenals are fatigued. We worked together and she gave me some things to do at home and I could finally sleep thru the night without waking up every two hours to put on an ice pack. Right now I am at 75%. I can work without pain or discomfort. And according to my clients it is some of my best work! So some energy pathway must have been opened.

I now feel like I am on the right path to get to 100% soon. And I am working on more stress relieving self care for my nervous system. Being kinder and more patient with myself. It can be frustrating to be in this much pain. I get angry faster. I have a hard time concentrating. I crave more comforting foods. It can feel like we are betrayed by our bodies. Yet I think John Barnes is right. It is helping me understand my own body and the nature of healing better. So I can be the beacon of healing light for my clients.

Emotional & Energy work by Cyndi from

Myofascial Release from Isabella

Chiropractic and dry needling from

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