Tips for a better Bike Ride

It seems like there has been a collective sigh of relief. Things are getting back to normal. We can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I say collectively because there have been some interesting studies to suggest we share a collective consciousness. So even though I personally did not feel very stressed, yet I was still having psychical symptoms of stress. My skin barrier being sensitive for one, plus the weight gain. And even though exercise is a stress reliever, I could not enjoy my rides!

But now more and more of my clients are sharing with me that they are getting back on track to their health and well-being. That includes massage, healthy eating, and exercise. For me exercise should always be play. I love biking and kayaking. I especially enjoy that I am only a 2 mile ride away from the Cal Sag Trail. As soon as I finish writing this I will be out for a quick 20 mile ride.

Here are some tips for my clients who don’t ride as often or as much as they would like.

  1. Get a good pair of shorts!!!! Padded shorts. Although the seat is important, it is not as important as a good pair of shorts. Of course I have expensive taste and only $100 shorts give me the comfort I like. Lucky for me Voler has very good sales!
  2. Don’t forget your SPF. Not just creams, but right now I’m digging the Australian gold mineral sunscreen with a tint. But SPF clothing as well. When you are on your bike for many hours that is lots of sun damage. I love the terry soleil bike jersey. SPF 50 and it protects my arms.
  3. Make sure your bike is the right size and your seat is the correct size. Yes I look at other cyclist I pass on the bike trail and observe biking gait. The seat being too low will blow out your knees!
  4. Keep your bike in working condition. That means getting it to the bike shop for a tune up plus cleaning it when it gets dirty. Don’t forget about filling up the tires with air and greasing the chain. The PSI your tires should be at are on the side of the tire. The squeeze test does not work!
  5. Brings snacks, they are the best part of being a cyclist! Anything more than 20 miles and I bring snacks. Before every ride I make sure I have something with carbs to fuel my ride. I prefer smoothies. Then after a ride I love nice cream or half a watermelon. You burn through lots of carbs doing cardio. That’s why cyclist are always eating pasta.
  6. Strava is super fun to track your rides. It even syncs with myfitnesspal so you can see how many calories you burned. If you are trying to loose weight I highly recommend tracking your calories. Both those apps have a free version. Just try not to get obsessive about it.
  7. Keep your air at a higher temperature. If your house it at 70 degrees or lower then it is hard to convince yourself to go out and enjoy the day. Your body gets used to the heat and your blood with thin.
  8. Enjoy the ride!

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