Reiki Classes

I share my journey into Reiki back in 2019 which you can read about below. That I found it helped me in massage sessions because my intuition became better. Clients will say to me… how did you find that. I believe that is the gift of Reiki. Matter of fact I first learned Myofascial Release in 2010 but I struggled with the techniques. It wasn’t until I was attuned to Reiki and went back for another couple classes that I started getting really good results. I also use it on myself. It has given me a stronger awareness of self. Plus I am able to give Reiki to myself and my pets.

Why get attuned to Reiki? Well not only can you give Reiki to yourself which is a very important part of self care and wellness. Not to have to depend on others to feel better and for be healthy. Like I said above I notice that I have a better connection to what is going on in my body. Someone might say or it might be this and I will say no or yes. Because no one will know your body as well as you if you are listening to the messages it tells you. Once attuned to Reiki you also get more out of your Reiki sessions. Which means you become a better conductor to this universal energy.

My Classes

When I first became a Reiki Master in December of 2015 I was excited to start teaching the next year. My first class went wonderful. It was a small class and we all sat around my massage table in my massage room. For my next class I started to look for a room to rent for a weekend. Then pick a weekend date. Renting a room meant I had to charge twice as much money and it was hard to pick a weekend that fit everyone schedule. At one point I even held a class at Devils Lake state park which was beautiful! But lots of work.

Now I only offer private classes which means you can schedule a class any day that I work just like you would book a massage or Reiki session. This allows me to keep the class very affordable. We usually do this class in my massage room and waiting area, however if it is a nice day can always be in my back yard. I can even come to your home if you want to have a reiki party for you and your friends or family. The cost of the class is the same whether it is just you, or 4 people. Which means the cost is more affordable as the price gets split between more people.

Reiki Level 1 ~ This first out of 4 classes is where you learn the history of Reiki. Where did it come from? How does it work? So yes it is two hours of lecture and there is also time for Q & A. Afterwards there is a break when I am getting the room ready for the attunements. When you come back for your break we will do the Reiki attunements. This takes about 15 minutes per person. Then I will demonstrate how to do self reiki. A full self reiki session takes about 20 to 30 minutes. You will practice self Reiki of yourself twice, with a short break in between. The link below will explain more about what exactly is an Reiki Attunement:

21 day Cleanse – After getting attuned to Reiki there is an experience called the 21 day energy cleanse. That as we are getting attuned to this new energy that old frequencies that no longer serve us get cleansed away. And similar to a juice cleanse we can experience some symptoms. To help ease these symptoms and get the best result from our Reiki class you want to give yourself a Reiki session every day for 21 days. In the class 1 we will talk about chakras and some people feel that the cleanse spends 3 days in each chakra starting at the root chakra. To learn more about a healing crisis that some people experience click the link below

Reiki Level 2 ~ In the 2nd level is where you learn how to do Reiki on others. There will only be about an hour of lecture where we learn about Reiki symbols and how to do a distant Reiki session. Then we will go into the attunement for Level 2. I will demo how to do a 30 minute reiki session. Then we will have he rest of the class to practice on each other. Although level 1 is fine to just attend by yourself, this is a class you will want to bring people to! We will also be spending the last hour doing a distant reiki session. So even if you do not bring someone with you, have 2 friends on standby to receive reiki from afar. To learn more about distant Reiki you can check out this article:


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